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Madball loves the kids. I love kids and I like Madball and as you remember from previous posts, I'm an honorary Latina so there you have it, we match all around.

I'm going to see Madball play tonight along with the boys who keep me out of trouble +/- (LIFERS band), they'll remind you of Biohazard and they always have a classic hip hop intro in honor of those who love it as much as they do... ie- me! I've been negotiating for an aaliyah/ buckshot intro. I have a soft spot for Madball especially given all of my sons (my fish) have all been named Freddy some way or another. Most of them have had long lives, I suspect it's because of the name...

Either way enjoy this video..

And a personal favorite. This song has a soft spot in my little heart. It reminds me of some great times. Hazen street should've gotten huge...

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