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I have the somewhat annoying habit of calling my girlfriends Mama. In about a month, one of my best friends in the universe, Jessica, will be a real one! This weekend, I will be attending my first ever baby shower. Being away from my Mama to be, during her pregnancy has been a bit of a let down but I've been lucky enough to see the belly grow through some regular visits! She's so beautiful, it makes me want to have a belly of my own (I should probably figure out how to cook first huh?). While I won't be popping babies anytime soon, I do plan on becoming the best aunty to Jessica and Chris's baby, who by the way will make the best baby daddy, probably because he's a bit of a child himself. I think he won our hearts over, the day he dressed up as an indian and showed up at her door steps when she told him they needed to have "a pow-wow", a simple chat. As aunty Kenza, this child can expect halloween everyday of the week and the finest baby gems ie- baby airmax's as well as unconditional love. Yeah I think it's a boy. MAMA time... now let's try not to cry this time... (The mama is on the right)

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