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Kelsey Wallace, social commentary blogger for Bitch Magazine, posted a story yesterday about the Angelina/Oscars body backlash and the constant internet suggestions to "give her a cheeseburger". Why is everyone hating on Angelina for being thin? Hasn't she always been thin? This isn't really a Nicole Ritchie/Lindsay Lohan thing, is it? Women can't win. Too fat/too thin—it's all "bad" and faces mockery and hatred at every corner. The solution to fat hate is NOT thin hate (just like how feminism should NOT be about "getting men back" by turning the tables onto them). Aren't we smarter than this by now?

More than the "anti size sero" sentiment that's being thrown around here is the revolting notion that cheeseburgers (or corndogs) will make her healthier. Come on, people. Read a little. The vegetarians of the world are angrily frying up tofu right now and rage spicing it. Mmm..that sounds delicious. Get recipes here. And let's leave Angelina alone. Besides, we shouldn't be hating on her for her body, we should be hating on her because she's just downright haughty and unrelatable.

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6 Responses to “Cheeseburgers and Other Meatical Cures”

  1. Mish Mish says:

    I agree with your point about too fat or too thin… Did you see how the editor for a plus size mag freaked at Crystal Renn for “betraying” plus size women?…. So yeah, if you are in the spotlight you are fucked because suddenly you mean something to people therefore you OWE them something. Logistically, it’s crazy but it happens again and again. It’s part of being a high profile celebrity, it’s not exactly fair or whatever but it’s what you sign up for. Like Joan Rivers told me, there are

  2. Mish Mish says:

    Perks that come with celebrity and there are downfalls and If you don’t like it, go back to being a waitress because no one is holding the door for you. It’s part of the job.

    It doesn’t mean it’s ok for people to rag on celebrities for everything they do from partying to using to losing weight, but it’s a reality of our culture and I’m glad we acknowledge it. I’m just not into victimizing anyone.

  3. Mel Zee Mel Zee says:

    yeah, i don’t really give a shit about “poor angie” or whatever. i’m sure she’s not into buying celebrity magazines and crying over what’s being said about her. she is probably so deluded in her goddess world that she doesn’t even know what the date is. i just think it sends a backwards message to people (women and girls, esp.) to focus SO MUCH ATTENTION on someone’s body. it just seems fucked up. the thing is, too, though, that a lot of girls will see her and probably think that she IS pro-ana and maybe behave in unhealthy practises because of that. it’s sad and sick, but i don’t really think it’s her fault (especially cause it’s not confirmed that she suffers from an eating disorder.)

  4. Dana says:

    I also get the feeling that Angie is plagued by some serious self-hatred or self-directed stress. her investment in her causes–and especially the film she just wrote and directed about women in the Balkan War (this is not a plug but the movie is rly good)
    make me think that she is probably a very tormented person who feels a weighted responsibility to be self-punishing and ascetic to balance out her charmed life. Her body could be seen as a manifestation of her self sacrifice–which is still not a good thing. But I’m on team ang.

  5. Mish mish says:

    @Dana HEAVY! I never thought of that.

    I wish Ang would find this and set us all straight.

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