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It took me practically two whole days to watch this new video from M.I.A. for her song, Born Free, produced by Roman Gavras (Kostas Gavras son). Not that it wasn't engaging (for the most part it's like a violent train wreck you cant take your eyes off of) but during the work day I couldn't really just sit there and watch a 9 minute video--I kept getting distracted (by things I actually had to do). So, stop start, stop start, here I am day two, 5 minutes in. Press play.

M.I.A.'s video appears to be a social commentary on ideas of freedom, race and violence, with criticism focusing on the Western World. Some of the scenes and special effects (severed hands flying through the air) were worse than graphic scenes I've seen in movies recently--I think this even tops that naked Viggo Mortensen shower scene in Eastern Promises--which had me questioning viewer discretion. Do music videos ever undergo a rating system like motion pictures?  When they're aired on TV they need to be approved, but the internet is obviously a different story. While, I'm aware you can find practically anything (vulgar and violent videos included) on the net, it seemed a bit weird there were not warnings on this video. Not being sarcastic at all, but, kids could easily see this! Especially if they're fans of M.I.A. I understand we can't put rose colored glasses on our kids, but is this really even something a kid would understand. (Chances are, a solid percentage of adults are still scratching their heads.)

My questions were answered about an hour ago (discovered now) when The New York Times, reported the video had been pulled from a lot of places or labeled with an age restriction. No one, seemed to worry so much about the "Not Safe For Work" labeling. Except for maybe Miss Info, who now also feels bad for making fun of red heads.

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