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We are lucky to announce that we, the Montreal hearty girls, have survived Oakley's very own Artist and V.I.P booth at Osheaga. We had so much fun, we're having a hard time realizing we might have to wait another year before we can do it all over again. Sun tans and smiles aside, the good people at Oakley hooked us ladies up with some pairs of glasses from this summer's womens collection. As excited as we are about these ones, a little bird told us to watch out for next summer (the words heat and high fashion both were mentioned in the same sentence.)


Peeping my peepers.

We soaked in the sun (in our new eyewear), music and sites aside the impressive lineup of artists and V.I.Ps/bloggers. Here a few people who came through: Lykke Li (who picked up some Frogskins), our man Marcus Troy, Keesha from Zoo York, The Arctic Monkeys, Knaan, Jason Mraz, Adrian from Entourage (drool) and the list goes on and on and on.

Our new buddies.

DJ psychology

Mira's mouth must be full with the remaining bits of licorice.

Marcus Troy in the woodgrain Montefrio.

Keesha in the Frogskins.

So exclusive you need to risk your life to get there. Don't look down!

My kiddos.

The Stills like primary colors.

Jason Mraz

Mi likes bows.

Julien from 33mag

Mi and Stefan

Me and Ian from Tiger. Roar!

Psych and K'Naan

Off The Hook Boys, Marcus, Psychology, Maura (our newest news writer!!) and Mimi love Frogskins!

Big thanks to Oakley for the invite and the hook ups! XO.

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