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Every once and a while a hearty blog post comes around saying that that particular blogger is 'the worst blogger ever' and that 'they promise to blog more'. Well this is that kind of post. Yes, I AM the worse blogger and I promise to blog more.

For the last little while I've been submersed in work, my relationship (two things I love) and being sick (no love going out to sickness). In the midst of all that I was lucky enough to head out to Cali for a week's worth of work and play. During my stay on the west coast I got to:

1. See Vans' new Spring 2011 collection
2. Sing No Doubt's Just A Girl with the worlds best live karaoke band
3. Get a full sleeve Sharpie tattoo that wouldn't wash off
4. Watch legend Steve Caballero skate and win the Pro-Tec Pool party (and meet him & his son in a coffee lineup)
5. Visit my long lost friends at Crooks
6. Tour LA and spend too much money shopping
7. And finally spend some much needed time with the Kenzanator.

And after all these shenanigans, what I have to show for myself is....

A heart bruise!

*Please note Kenza's prostiturtle in the background.

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