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Last night as I was driving back from seeing Jose James and Jef Neve perform  when I drove by a car and noticed there was a wallet on the ground. I stopped, picked it up and it was the most beautiful miumiu wallet I've ever seen. I remembered loosing my wallet and how much of a pain in the bum it was to recover everything, so I left a note on the car requesting they call me because I had something that was maybe theirs. This cute Japanese chick left me these adorable messages in broken english. In the first message, she hadn't noticed she was missing something yet. In the second message she realized she had lost her wallet when going to fill up on gas on her way to work. We just met up and as much as I was secretly hoping she wouldn't call so I could keep the miumiu wallet, she gave me this little treasure, which I love! I think I also made a new friend / neighbor! Yay to good karma. Good deeds don't go unnoticed.

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2 Responses to “MiuMiu & Good Karma”

  1. Mdot Mdot says:

    Luvv this story… I had a similar experience, but i was on the other end..thank goodness for good ppl like you;)

  2. Charlotte charlotte says:

    That made me cry.

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