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It's not Emily Bitze's big hair, Connie Ramone rosy cheeks or worn t-shirts that label her a rock goddess.  Not only is her head is a music library, her wit and attitude will swallow you whole. You can catch her playing anything from oldies to metallica on Big Fun Wednesday at Korova and various parties and happenings on a regular basis. More over she is about to kick off her musical debut, fronting a rock band and with her vocal talent and incestuous personality we at hearty are more than excited to see our favorite rocker win the world over.

Emily can you describe your wardrobe in three words?

Schoolgirl, mermaids, cocktail

That actually makes sense. Do you feel more comfortable dressing up or dressing down?

I like dressing up but I’m always more comfortable dressing down.

New or used?

Previously enjoyed.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Whats your best find ever?

A suede vest with dangly tassels.

Yeah that one is pretty sweet.

 Is your closet colorful or monotone?


Do you prefer dressing for summer or winter?

Can I say fall?

Yes, that’s the general consensus.

Whats your favorite piece of clothing?

My T shirt with a skeleton on a gravestone that says peace sells but whos buying.

What about something that you can't let go of?

A sonic youth t-shirt from high school that is now way too small for me; I know I can’t wear it, but i just cant let her go!

How often to you find yourself mentally complimenting people in Montreal?

I see a lot of babes. The biggest babes Im into though are usually just wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

Is there any other city you’d like to live?

I don't know really. I like the idea of somewhere the southwest, like Arizona cause id like to see the desert, but as for living I don’t know. Having a ranch would be pretty sweet though and I like scorpions and lizards and cactus and canyons.

Do you have a style icon?

The Shangri Las, Joey Ramone.

Is there anyone’s wardrobe that you would like to take over?

Sylvie Vartan circa 1964.

You went through design school; do you have a favorite Designer?

I don't know anything about fashion designers. Really.

Are there any acclaimed influencing design sites you follow such as Garance Dore or the selby?

(Emily Says "Yours..." and makes my day.)

If you were a fictional character which book, sitcom or movie would you see yourself apart of?

Roseanne or Twin Peaks.

If you were a character in Roseanne who would you be?

Okay well another fashion blog i follow is "third and Delaware" the Roseanne fashion blog. And I think I would have to be Darlene. I always loved her cynicism and cranky antics, she always had the best comebacks and she was a tom boy and i think that's foxy. Nancy (Sandra Bernhard's character) would be a very different choice but also pretty rad. She had kind of a wild style. You never know when she would whip out the mesh leopard dress or the jungle leggings. She was kinda edgy and fun.

If your life had a theme song what would it be?

So tough to choose but maybe "The Angel of Death" by Hank Williams

What inspires you the most?


What does your music sound like?

I would like it to sound like Hank Williams/The Tammy's/Alex Chilton/Motorhead....(laughs)

Other interests?

Pals, wine and collecting trinkets.

Dream Job?

I always thought being that person who plays the keyboard segways during the hockey games would be the best. But obviously I just don’t know yet.

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  1. jennifer says:

    she is so fucking cool. i luv em

  2. marilis says:

    yup. yeah. that settles it. emily bitze is my fav.

  3. worm says:

    emily i love you.

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