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Justin R. Saunders was born in Montreal in 1982. True to his Taurus sun sign, Justin has the ability to display immense fortitude without moving a muscle. Those who have JJJJound on their blog roll can attest to this – he understands the nature of beauty effortlessly. Simply put, Justin Saunders has really good taste.

His website, which is a play on the famed photo bookmarking site FFFFOUND!, displays hand picked photos that scream luxury, power and sex appeal. The hype over the last year was enough to catch the attention of fashion heavyweights Scott Schuman (the Sartorialist) and the editors of T Magazine, (the New York Times Fashion section) which opened a position for him as a monthly contributor.

His name has been a buzz in Montreal and abroad for the past year so without further adieu, read on to find out his wardrobe preferences, status on women's footwear and what he's up to besides JJJJound and T Magazine.

Do you prefer dressing for summer or winter?
Don’t we all like to undress in the summer?

Hell ya we do, especially when we have to put up with the ridiculous "do not leave your house if you do not want to freeze to death" weather. Next question (which does not refer to layering up)...Do you feel more comfortable dressing up or dressing down?
I never really thought about it - I guess I like feeling comfortable. I suppose like everyone I dress accordingly to each day’s agenda?

Truth. Is your closet colorful or monotone?
Not a lot of bright colors.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing?
I don’t really have a favorite… Whatever is most recent I guess. I have this old belt I made years ago I really really love…

What else have you made? And do you want to talk about your tshirt history?
I've been making clothing/products for fun since 1999. Graphic design being a hobby and all, t-shirts are something I always got a kick out of designing.

What about something that you can't let go of? Like a holey tshirt?
Ya some holey t-shirts are hard to throw away. I have boxes of clothing I’m keeping just for reference as well.

Whats your “Best find ever”?
I’m a kid, I get excited about finding a quarter on the ground. I get excited easily – mix that with a pop soda and you’ve got a problem.

Do you agree Montreal is a city with good style?
Not enough girls in heels in my opinion but I’m only saying it because you asked me.

Okay agreed but we live in Canada, it makes it near impossible to trot around town stepping in slush and snow banks in heels. Is there other footwear you would suggest to the ladies?
You're right, I saw a girl wearing jordan 1's today with big wool socks, super skinny jeans and an oversize classic navy peacoat hidden underneath a huge scarf. She didn't need heels to look as hot as she did. Mtl and style is a tricky question, M. Schuman asked me if he should come to mtl to shoot - I didn't know what to reply... I'm sort of in the same bind answering the question for you guys. I love Montreal but 10% of really stylish people doesn't make it a stylish city. Then again maybe it does, who knows...

Is there any other city you’d like to live?
Anywhere close to the Mediterranean.

That’s near all the Luxury Fashion Houses - If you were hired by an influential fashion house, which one would it be?
I doubt a fashion house would hire me. I would like to work on special projects for the Gucci group brand list or LVMH brands…yes. Or even the ‘Hermes’ type of companies - I’m sure I could bring great innovative ideas to the table. Life is long…Maybe someday.

Are you bias towards any brands?
Like many, Nike is probably a brand I have been brainwashed to love no matter what.

Do you have a style icon?

Okay but if you could inherit one person’s wardrobe who’s would it be?
Not really a secondhand clothing kind of guy... I like my stuff crispy new. Ok, maybe some rich japanese nerd who's been winning every auction on Ebay since 1996 (laughs)

Ahh the internet, your website has had a lot of success, are there any other influential design sites that inspire you?
Most times I get inspired by the “non design” – “non-influential” small blogs people have about their lives and taste or whatever. The super niche stuff is great. And Google Images is probably my go to.

How psyched are you to be contributing to the New York Times?
It’s cool, It’s a big platform for me to be dialoging on so it forces me to think before I say things. (Which is something I rarely do) I’m happy they asked me – although challenging at times, it’s a very fun exercise.

What projects do you currently have in the works?
I just launched an art + design agency called L’atelier J ( so most of my focus this year will be on building a portfolio and team for it. We’ve got many projects in the works already, with talent from all over the world. Its exciting news – should be a very fun affair.

What would be your dream job?
One that allows me to travel regularly to random places overseas for months at a time on an open itinerary.


Saunders' style, his aesthetic, the way he sees things is definitely a unique trait. With L'atelier J in the works this man has everything in the world to look forward to.

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    I’m “liking” this.

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    Of course you do, Justin is likable!

    I wish you lived in Montreal so we could add you to the list.

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