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Man, it's one thing getting dumped but it's a whole new bag of dicks (literally) to find out, via Twitter might I add, that your boyfriend dumped you for a new dude! And not just any dude, but a dude that you are friends with! Never trust a D.J, right? This is what they told me but I didn't listen. I let one swoop me off my feet a few years ago and now, he has left me to sweep another one of his own kind, with the same name, off his feet.

Could they rub it in my face any harder? Is "snacks" code for something? Should I have been worried every time they went "golfing" when we were going out? Didn't Jeff from Curb always tell his wife that he was "golfing" when he was with another woman? My ex took a lot of tips from Curb, but more so from Funkhouser than Jeff. The tweets had always been intimate between these two Cams but ever since our break-up they have multiplied from about five a week to a hundred or more a day. I think that kind of attention to a new lover is commonly known as "The Honeymoon Phase".

"Let's make fun tonight?" Shot through the heart, dude. Shot through the friggin' heart.

And here we see exactly where Cam Reed's mind is at: on my ex Cam's life. He can't tweet enough at him on his own page, he has to tweet to his radio station as well? And, what? They are sharing cologne now? That seems pretty intimate for two men who do not live together. I've only known that to happen between two men on very few occasions. The first being when Pauly D and "The Situation" are gearing up to go to Clutch and one is running dangerously low on his Tom Ford knock off. The second being between two deep lovers who "snack", "golf" and "make fun" together.

Who knows. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. I mean, they haven't confirmed their relationship on Facebook yet which might mean they are simply the best of bros.

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