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amelia of destroyx:

i love her make-up faq's, style, hair, wigs, just about EVERYTHING about her and her site, i mean, COME ON! look at her!

my next girl crush is lykke li (pronounced "li'kea" like ikea with a "li" before it hehe). i recently saw her show at the highline ballroom on the west side and am now in love with her!

while on the topic of lykke... i found this youtube clip of these talented kids singing a cover of "a little bit" by drake and lykke li. TOO CUTE. that joanne can SING!

because i'm a dancer and tomboy at heart, the next two ladies are bff's and represent the celebration of womanhood through hiphop. this is rino nakasone:

and this is her bff maryss from paris (and yes, they both hail from the beat freaks) - holla!

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  1. Me likey Lykki too!

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