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You know that quiz question that asks you if you were trapped on a desert island with one thing what would it be? Well for the last five years mine has been KEXP.ORG.

Kexp is a Seattle based radio station that keeps me going 9-5 Monday through Friday. Its listener based radio and it is quite literally my favorite thing on earth. If you like rock and indie this is for sure "your jam" and you will love me so much after this introduction that I will surely be receiving thank you letters in the mail. On the East coast John in the Morning and Cheryl Waters will become your best friends, if you're on this side of the continent I recommend listening 9-5.

Since 6AM may be an early start for those of you on the West coast I assure you Kevin Cole from 5-9 (or 3-6 western time) knows whats up.

You'll be doing this all day.

ps I'm a member.

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