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So a little more than two years ago I met these really cool girls in Vegas.  One was named Hana and the other Kenza. Turned out we both lived in the same city and had many of the same friends. We ended up falling in love with each other and now we work on a super cool, awesome magazine together.

Kenza would talk about hardcore this and hardcore that. Hardcore boys and hardcore shows. The good old days. Trips to Boston. Hardcore Chicks. Her crew. Cro Mags. Final Word. Madball. Terror.  Hana and I would just shrug it off and say "cool". I finally got the sitdown and I got the myspace, facebook, youtube tour of hardcore. It consisted of crazy screaming boys jumping around on a stage, vans authentics, tattoos and maybe a bit of gossip. One thing was for sure, I didn't like the music and yeah... I agreed the boys where pretty cute (so bad-ass).

Months of 'uhuh', 'cool' and 'turn that shit off' went by before I moved to a new hood. I moved three blocks from Kenza and a building away from Tracey and a bunch of hc boys. I couldn't have asked for better neighbors, we instantly became friends. Every night was as though we were in college again and our apartments had become dorms. All 8 of us would play cards, cook together, watch movies,  and most of all party hard; every night was something different and every night was hilarious.

Naturally I was dragged to my first show. It was at this--now closed down--broken ass venue (a dirty house in PSC) called LBH.  As True Colors from Belgium played, I watched with an open mouth.  I had never seen people mosh--guys were hitting, punching, kicking each other and not getting mad?  I also couldn't get over the insane vibe, it was exciting. The endless hiphop concerts I'd have seen didn't compare a single bit.

You ask, why the hell am I rambling on about this? Well, since then I've been to my fair share of shows. And since the first time I heard Kenza mention word hardcore, I realized that the word Cro Mags is always accompanying it. I've heard so much about 'greatest hardcore band of all time' and they are finally coming to Montreal! Never ever would I (or Kenza for that matter) imagine that one day I would actually become EXCITED for a HC show, but today is that day! I think the saying goes... Cro-mag-life.

I am now living with and loving one of the dorm boys from last year, he plays bass for opening band Plus Minus (the next up and coming hc band from Montreal -demo out soon) and Final Word. I'm in this for life.

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