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Finally! I know yesterday I showed you a totally different picture and I got a funny story to explain it.

I was supposed to meet up with this guy to see the other Peugeot last night at 7, and at 6 my man called me to tell me he stepped into a pawn shop and they had this one! Just what I was looking for, its a smaller frame than the other one, it has better components and I got if for 80 bucks! Fate! Obviously the guy at the shop had no clue about the bike cause he should have sold it for at least double the price. I'm so excited to ride it, but I need to get a helmet. Guh, so lame, but riding in Montreal is like writing a suicide note; sooo I'll probably grab one this weekend.  A hearty sticker will spice it up. yay!  I'm rambling.... Have a nice weekend!

oh and ps: The serial number checked out with the cops so it wasn't stolen, double bonus!

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