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Princess Piece of Shit has done it again. Her new single "Stuck" is pure pop perfection and the lyrics are shockingly self-aware. Never mind the fact that her voice has clearly been replaced by a machine - What happened to that husky smokers vibe? - because it's commercial pop at it's finest. Really, with Lohan it was never about talent or musical ability. It was about putting that cock-eyed, freckly face to the lyrical drama. Does anyone remember the tabloid play-by-play that inspired the video for her song, "Daughter to Father"? That video is insane. I can not think of any other celebrity bold enough to mimic their own personal family drama in the most public, and oddly fictional, way possible. And it's not as though she is poking fun at her situation or even critiquing her own madness. It's just like, "In case you didn't know, being a huge celeb with a crappy dad is enough to solidify why I act the way I do... so, yeah. We're good now."

Anyways, "Stuck" is great and might even beat out Avril Lavigne's "Together" for best pop chorus from a musician who hangs out with the cast of The Hills.

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