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Earlier this week after my missed connection date (yes I connected with someone through the craigslist missed connection section), I found myself at home fairly early both caffeinated and intoxicated rendering me completely useless on a productive note which is why I ended the night early in the first place - to work.

I opened my email, wrote someone on gmail chat who, in response to my typo filled "YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE.." message immediately accused me of being drunk on chat roulette which - in turn - made me open another window and start  playing (btw they have a new face and rules).. Anyway, not only was there nothing or no one interesting on, there was no one next to me to comment to and I only lasted about a minute before getting bored. I think I had actually forgotten about Chat Roulette, did you?

Anyway a friend just sent me a photo of our first encounter with the service back in January 2010 when there were a mere 1000 users online. I can definitely say, it was fun while it lasted! Thank you Andrey Ternovskiy!

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