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All the girls in my life are pretty talented, but we're also pretty broke and pretty disorganized. So, instead of getting ourselves a studio space to work in, we all cram into Maya's beautiful rainbow apartment and do our work like dogs on the floor. It works out surprisingly well, I mean, it's easier to gossip when the room is small.

Lucy and Kim, just relaxing while cruising the online world. Lucy just got home from living in Sweden and since then, she's been really into doing her work with a bed and pillow.

Michelle is killing two birds with one stone: yoga pose and selling camera gear on Craigslist. Michelle is going to Africa for a month. She's going to climb a mountain and meet a dude who appreciates her beaded outfits.

How could you not want to work in this Fortress of Rainbow Solitude? No Boys Allowed.

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3 Responses to “No Boys Allowed”

  1. maya says:

    except the boy who lives there. RIGHT?

  2. Mish Mish says:

    Totally. Graham is allowed.

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