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Nu Sensae make the noise of ten people with the power of three (as of this winter, the two-piece added a new member on guitar, Brody McKnight). Praised for their most recent LP TV, Death and The Devil (Nominal Records) and previous home-job seven inches, Nu Sensae have carved a name for themselves in M.R.R culture with their progressive, sludgy punk melodies. Andrea Lukic (bass/vocals) and Daniel Pitout (drums) met in city school and bonded because they were both lost little immigrants who wanted to smoke jazz cigarettes. I met them at the Emergency Room because our bands played lots of shows and then ended up being touring buddies. This is a little piece of an interview I did with Daniel and Andrea for Color magazine, Brody was unfortunately unavailable.

Neither of you can drive a car but you have been on so many tours all over North America. How have you made this happen?

Andrea: It's not that hard to get people to come on a road trip.

Daniel: [Laughs] You butter them up before hand saying, "Oh, it's so much fun, it's just like a vacation" then like a week in we're all, "Uh, you're not helping us. You need to carry something." And hand them the heaviest thing.

What's the best thing about being a punk?

Andrea: You don't have to wash your hair.

Daniel: I don't know about the best thing, but the worst thing about being a musician is having to carry gear on the street and people coming up and talking to you because of it. The bus is the worst. It's so annoying. "What kind of guitar is that, eh?"

I always just say, "I don't know. It's my boyfriend's."

Daniel: Ha!

Andrea: I say it's an acoustic guitar. If they know it's any kind of electric instrument all of a sudden it's like, "Oh, she's dangerous. She's a party girl. I see you got one of those rock n' roll guitars."

What would you guys be doing if you didn't have Nu Sensae?

Daniel: I would probably be doing theater still or I'd be in medical school. I've always wanted to be a surgeon. If I could go and take fourth year surgery tomorrow, I would.

I don't think you can just walk into a fourth year surgery class. Would it even be called "fourth year surgery"?

Daniel: [Laughs] You know what I mean.

Andrea: I'd be a judge. I want to hammer down on justice.

Daniel: Andrea told me the other day that she wants to be the person at the bank who investigates fraud but she thought it would be detective work. Like, she'd be phoning up people, "What do you know? Who have you been talking to? I know what you know." As if she's Nancy Drew of the bank.

Andrea: I want to be Nancy Drew.

Daniel: Or Nancy Grace. That lady is a bitch.

Nu Sensae and my band, White Lung, made a promotional video for our 8 week North American "Clown Life" tour this summer. Enjoy:

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    THIS VIDEO IS THE BEST. hahah Mish. Toilet shot. Lovely.

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