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And guess what, she loves 'em back. I got the chance to see the Santigold show at Terminal 5 last night. Despite having heard Santigold's music blasting out of speakers including my own for sometime now, I had never had the chance to see her perform live. Kenza and some friends up in Montreal--where Santigold had played a few nights before--said that Santi killed it, but any expectations I might have had, she superseded. There's nothing better than someone, especially an artist, coming across humble and nice--both of which Santigold seemed to affect without effort. Starting the show off saying she had been spying on the crowd during the opening acts and got a 'warm fuzzy feeling' from the New York city dwellers. 'You are so lucky to live in this city,' she later gushed to the super packed space (peep the pics below). Her dope back-up side dancers and band were the cherry that topped everything off!

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