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... No, it's NOT what you think, lol.

ok ok sooooo, if you didn't already know I have somewhat of an obsession w/ the Twilight series (books & movie). I've mentioned it here and there but I've never really delved into how deep it is... well at least not on my WhatTheHellz blog. Mainly cuz it's been my inner nerd secret that I'd only dare to expose amongst other "twi-hards."

BUT I've recently been exposed by my girls at Missbehave Mag who caught wind of WTForks?!....a lil' (not so lil' in the Twi-realm) blog I started with my girls, Yoshi (Fatlace), Raachem (WTHellz?! / Boss Bizness), Abi (GATNB) and BetseyJ (BetseyJ).

"Basically, this blog called What The Forks?! (aka WTF?!) is, from what I can tell, a bunch of hot Asian girls that call themselves the WTFly ladies who’ve joined forces to supply daily Twi-nformation updates, dispel RPattz relationship rumors, and even travel together to Vancouver where the second installment of the series,New Moon, is being shot. In fact, one of them is Lanie, the chick behind a little brand we fondly know as Hellz Bellz, and the other, is one of Missbehave’s own frequent commenters, Betsey J. So now I’m starting to feel like I might be the one missing out. It’s kind of fun to feel 13 again and have a life-sized poster of Justin Timberlake from his blonde crunchy-haired days in your room. Wait, what? That never happened. Anyway, it seems cool and cliquey like The Babysitter’s Club, minus the babysitting. I dunno. Fellow (or closeted) Twi-freaks speak up!"

Soooo before you make fun of me... read all 4 books, check out the movie and visit WTForks?!

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