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I got to see the only known blond zebra in the world. My sister caught me looking frightened in this shot because Zebras are said to be aggressive, territorial and stubborn, maybe you saw that Animal Planet. Yes, she may try and fool you with those baby blues--a trick I may have also pulled in the past--but she could probably kill you in under 10 seconds--did I mention zebras are also strong and fast.

Only one in 300 million zebras are born blond and there have only been two others reported. One in Germany about a hundred years ago and another one in Tokyo in the 1970's. This is one is named Zoe, she lives on an animal sanctuary on the big island of Hawaii. She is not albino or white, she's blonde--the women at the sanctuary was very clear of that--so don't get it twisted. Despite my fear (which I got over once I was back on the other side of the fence), Zoe was pretty cool to kick it with and I think for about a week afterwards was all I could talk about.

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