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Last day in North Africa...

The Partnas' aka Dhamani Boys dropping me off at the Aeroport..

Good have on your team...thanks guys..see u in the Zangas!!

Next stop Paris...

Quick Layover in NICE, France...Super Nice! Real estate is at an all time LOW right now..

Wish it was time to Retire...

Welcome Back to Paris Lunch..ahhhhhh...The Good Life!

Laduree: Champions of Macarons..

If you haven't had a Macaron from've never had a real Macaron! Trust me on this one..

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur..

Literally means "Basilica of the Sacred Heart"..

A Roman Catholic basilica and a popular landmark in the summit of the Montmartre.

Pretty amazing craftsmanship...


My favorite hole in the wall restaurant in Paris...

Of course have to share the moment with Julien from Shoes-Up Mag..talking shoe biz..n' stuff..

Always a pleasure..

Kicking it...on a sunday afternoon..with the ladies..

Sandrine taking a cat nap..before getting down..

So France dedicates a day to Music..and every year...people throw crazy block parties..

Everywhere..& anywhere there is space..

Dope thing to experience..Respect the Music!!

Nice to see..DJ's rockin' Vinyl..Anti-digital!!

Shop Auguste in Bastille area...had a block party..

One of the dopest Block Parties...I've been to...the Vibe was ALIVE!

check out the LINK...for party pics..

Parisian children are too cute..this girl is sooooooooo cool and she doesn't have to try!!

Next stop Block front of Pigalle Shop..ran into Thomas from Double Goose..always funn!

The aftermath...

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