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When I was in Seattle in August a bunch of us all decided to go to see Sonic Youth play at The Block Party. The Block Party is exactly what you'd expect: a section of Seattle is cut off by stages, beer tents, American Spirit promoters and crowds.

While in line for beer at some dark upstairs club I got bored, so I started looking around for hot dudes. This is probably the lamest thing I do when I'm bored but you do it too, so fuck it. I spotted a bartender who reminded me of that hot gay dude from Salem. He had long hair and a model-esque face. It was dark in the bar, but the blue flash from behind the vodka bottles gave his face just enough light for approval.

I nudged my friend Andrea, "Do you think that guy is hot?"

She looked at bar boy and laughed.

"Come on, do you? I can't really tell."

"He looks gay."


I studied him a bit further as I progressed in line. Yes, he did have a nice face. His nose was a bit weird, but I liked his hair for sure. Plus he was standing behind the bar with two total meatheads and the drastic contrast was working in his favor. As I waited for my turn, I made up a bunch of personality traits for him based solely on his appearance. He listened to 8-Eyed Spy, but secretly liked Necro. He was a vegan who missed eating cheese. He was allergic to gluten. He fixed motorbikes in his spare time and was born and raised in Reno. His Dad was religious and they never got along, so he still has intimacy issues.

"It's so fucking hot in here," Andrea said.

"I know."

Finally it was our turn. I stood in front of bar boy waiting for his smile to ask me what I wanted to order, but instead meat head #1 walked in front and completed the job. I reluctantly ordered two tall cans and walked away.

Andrea got bar boy. "He had bad pants," she said on our way out the door.


"You know," Andrea pointed to her thigh. "With those stupid bleach things... the stripes."


"I know."

Months passed and I forgot about bar boy until yesterday morning when I received a text from Andrea.

"Holy shit remember that babe bartender in Seattle who wasn't actually a babe? He is a contestant on Project Runway! I was watching the show thinking how stupidly familiar he looked and then laughed thinking he looked like that bar tender and then he mentioned he was from Seattle."

I went online and sure enough, it was him. Bar boy a.k.a aspiring fashion designer and reality TV star, Logan Nietzel from Seattle, WA.

I watched a few clips of him on Project Runway. I looked at the comments from other youtubers' saying things like, "Logan is sooo hot!" or "He's the only reason I watch PR!" Then, I watched more videos of Logan explaining his delicate creations and love for specific fabrics. I listened to the story about a hat he created out of nowhere and was still trying to figure out. I listened and listened and listened as he explained his undying passion for fashion.

No 8-Eyed Spy. No Reno. No Dad issues. No motorbikes.

Andrea was right, maybe he is gay? And if so, I never stood a chance anyways.

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5 Responses to “Project Runway Romance”

  1. Hana May Hana May says:

    Haha! This is actually the first season of Project Runway that I’ve watched (I’m usually repulsed by reality television) and my roommate and I have the same discussion every show.

  2. Hana May Hana May says:

    And that second picture is golden.

  3. Spencer Spencer says:

    totally met this guy at au bar in van when i was 16. he used to work for coal headwear and the same exact thing went through my head when i watched the first episode.

    small world.

  4. Mish says:

    I know!!!! Him as a bar back!

  5. Mish Mish says:

    What???? Hilarious!!!!

    See Spencer, your comment alone makes me so glad I posted this story.

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