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I have recently developed an unhealthy fascination with manicured nails. Maybe it has something to do with summer, or the fact that I'm about to turn 25 years old (hello, quarter-life crisis) or perhaps, I've been with my boyfriend so long that I'm searching for things to crush on instead of people. Whatever the case, I am obsessed with fake nails. So, when Jess introduced me to Pro Nails - a blog showcasing elaborate nail designs influenced by pop culture - I had to talk to it's creator: 19-year-old, Brighton-born, Elise. She blogs about her hands because she has the best nails in all of the U.K. Her designs range from fruit, to YSL labels, to Diet Coke cans and more. I convinced her to talk shop with me for a few minutes.

How long have you had nails (like real long nails) and what drew you to them in the first place?

I had acrylics from when I was 14, but 6 months down the line every girl in my class had them which put me off. It was only November last year that I got back into wearing long nails again, but this time I had a set of nail pens. I've always been into fashion and prints so I started experimenting using these influences on my nails. The length of the nails is a statement, but also because prints look much better on a larger scale, like a larger canvas.

Did it take long to be able to function with nails?

It's fair to say it took a while! Everyday stuff like buttons, zips, and sewing became frustratingly difficult, but you just adapt. For example, I now open cans of drink with a key.

You are a Bearded Lizard, you've adapted. What do you do for a living and do the nails affect your work?

I work in retail and people always notice my nails. Working with clothes doesn't require doing anything on a tiny scale so it's all good.  I'm lucky though, sometimes [my nails] help with picking at out of place threads and flicking through hangers!

When I did my fake nails, they were so painful for the first few days. My fingers were throbbing and I wanted to rip them off, but I didn't. What's your view on the whole idea of "beauty is pain"?

Nails shouldn't hurt, especially as they're on your hands which, obviously you use loads. You just got to be pretty careful at fitting them so they're comfy. As far as that whole "beauty is pain" thing goes, I think go as far as you want. If you can handle all the pain of waxing, lipo and acid peels and all that good stuff then do it if it's what you want. It would take a pair of pretty shit-hot heels to make me give up my Nike Air Max on a night out!

Who has the most amazing hands in the world?

Gail Devers! Her nails are/were unreal, I couldn't deal with having those nails, she had the whole curving over look, which me myself I'm not really keen on, but if you can handle it then do it they are definitely a statement.

Name three things that chicks with nails can do better.

Scratchin' backs, havin' steez and I guess swearing is always more effective when you got 'BARBIE' written across your middle fingernail in hot pink.

Yeah, I would hope so. Besides Barbie, what else do you use for inspiration?

Anything from music videos, clothing, prints, to a logo/brand to a saying, like last night I did "Chupa Chups" nails with a bit of yellow to pink grading. Sometimes I'll make up a specific design for a colour, if I find a sick new paint that I have to use I'll think of something I can put with it.

Who is the dude with the massive chest tattoo in that one pic on your blog?

That's Leo [my boyfriend] he snuck in to the photo, dropped the pose and it was up! That one photo has had more likes and reblogs than any of my other photos, of course he's loving it. One girl even messaged me asking who he was and how she could get hold of him, I'm just taking that as a compliment.

If you could scratch anyone's back, who would it be and why?

Ke$ha. Loosen her up a bit, she needs pull out that nose ring, sort her hair and realize there are grimier girls in London who do it better. She's pissin' in the wrong pool.

All Images via ProNails

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7 Responses to “PRO NAILS”

  1. Shar says:

    PRONAILS IS COOL! Girl is talented!! But surely the inspiration is from WAH Nails!?!?!

    The Drippy, Aztec, Drippy Chanels, Sprinkles, POW! Lips…. All WAH designs….We got the best nails in the UK….

  2. Shar says:

    Actually, she probably didnt know they were ours. information is disseminated very differently these days and images are passed on and passed on….she’s very good and hopefully I can poach her from er bedroom to the salon.

  3. Mish Mish says:

    Hey Shar,

    Is this you?

    Your site is amazing!! Can WE talk nails some time?

    xx Mish

  4. Mish Mish says:

    I don’t know much about the nail scene in the U.K and it seems you ARE the best, but Elise is the best for her age!

  5. jessbloom says:

    wah nails is amazing. and this is amazing.

  6. Shana VonD says:

    Dig the nailss.

  7. ashley sade says:

    wow, elise’s nail art is really good! I’m an artist myself, feel free to check out mine :] or become an “asade” fan on fb!

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