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Oh hey! Remember me? No, I didn't get kidnapped by anyone in NY, and yes I'm still a hearty heart but the bad news is I've been stuck to the toilet bowl since my return. Over the last few weeks, I think i've seen at least 5 people throw up in public spaces. I've seen some of the signature types including the projectile vomiting technique, which actually happened right outside of the Vivian Girl's show in Montreal a few weeks ago. Every single time I witnessed these puking events, I couldn't help but giggle a bit, which always followed with the standard "eww glad that's not me" line. I suspect karma has finally knocked at my door.

Day II into this mess and I pretty much want to relocate the tv as well as my blanket into the bathroom. After a visit to the pharmacy, I officially have a gastro. I don't even think the internet or 14 hours of sleep can save me from this one. The thought of food is making my head spin and even blackberry chats are making me want to give up BB life forever--I never thought I'd say these words. Please send me the finest of vibes and I promise I will pay you back with some quality blogism (word?), whatever you get it. Tips are also welcome.. xo

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