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On the 1st of August I had to leave wonderful, sunny Vancouver for cold, wintery New Zealand. It’s always a bittersweet departure for me because I love the sun, but I’m always excited to come here and shred. This year I was sent down by RedBull to be apart of some mysterious ‘camp’. My TM didn’t give me much info other than when I was leaving, but I figured if it was RedBull it was going to be awesome and it was.

We spent the entire week hitting a private airbag with matching step up all so we could learn new tricks and push our riding. They provided us with food, lodging, transport, tickets as well as world class coaches, trainers, photographers and filmers. Basically RedBull rules and I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a really amazing time shredding and getting to know each other better. I had never met many of the guys and even though I was the only girl for the week they were really great and made me feel like part of the crew. It was super cool to get to watch them progress and I came out of the week pretty inspired. So many doubles being thrown left, right and center.

A huge thanks to RedBull for always going above and beyond for their athletes, to Rasi the Bag Jump owner and operator and to all the guys for making my week so much fun. Also thanks to Rick, Marco and Matt for helping me get a new trick! Stoked.

This week it’s the Burton NZ Open, the weather hasn’t been the best and the course is a bit iffy but I’m doing my best to make due. Summer contests are always a bit weird, but hopefully the weather is alright for tomorrow and I can conquer the monstrous last jump. We’ll see what happens…

Check out the videos and photos from the camp below.

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