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Yes yes I know... I've been pretty M.I.A lately and if there were acronym for something that meant more M.I.A. then M.I.A. then I'd be that, lol. But here I am, live and well and ready to kill it 2010. It's a new decade and I can't be more thrilled to take on this new year... woot woot!!! I'm pumped... or maybe it's the bag of chocolate truffles that Linda (Lovemade) gave me that's got me so hyped. But anyways... I know it's already 5 days into the year but I thought I'd give you a heads up to my New Year resolutions, which btw I'm proud to say I've been working hard and I gotta say #7 has been the most fun :) So far so good guys...

  • Eat healthier… I’m a carnivore and I love love love carbs!!! What are vegetables anyway?! Arggh… well I’m not the 20-something I used to be and I feel my bad habits catching up to me sooooo, I’m going to slowly add more vegies into my diet.
  • Visit my family more… I mean, that’s the main reason I moved back to Cali right?! My nephew’s growing more and more everyday & I don’t wanna miss any of it. Plus I miss my mommy & daddy (yessss, I still call them that)
  • Wake up & go to bed earlier… it’s hard to be productive when I’m tired as fuck from staying up til 4am every night. So, I’m going to attempt, yes I said attempt because this is going to be the hardest of them all, to get my ass to bed sooner & actually wake my ass up when the alarm is buzzing like crazy in the morning.
  • Excercise… cuz I’m NOT gonna get that bangin’ bod’ by just sitting in front of the computer all day.
  • Work smart NOT hard… this is the key to a successful business and keeping your sanity. Nuff said.
  • Save money & make MORE money… I mean who doesn’t want more money right?!
  • Baby?!

I should also add to the list to BLOG MORE!!!

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3 Responses to “Remember me?!”

  1. linda says:

    hell yea mama!! lets start working out together. IM soo down! especially because you possibly might be my neighbor :)

  2. Lanie misslawn says:

    yesssss gurl… i gotta work off this extra i gained from your truffles and cupcakes, lol. speaking of cupcakes, did you try the new spot downstairs yet?!

  3. Hana May Hana says:

    BABY?! It would be so styling.

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