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Maybe not born and raised in Cali, but living and repping there

If you haven't already seen our new BIG HEARTS MIX prepared by  Y◎UNG ▼DULTS, then you need to click here before you get into this post. Now that we're all acquainted properly...Tim, one half of Y◎UNG ▼DULTS, after sending me the Big Hearts Mix, sent me the "Black Roses" mixtape by Sage Baby. I've always leaned right, musically speaking not politically, but Frank Ocean has been on repeat and I grew up on the West Coast (Vancouver to be exact, which isn't exactly known for their hip hop scene but you get where this is going). I was intrigued. And after a listen or three, I was impressed. Whether it's Frank Ocean or our new Big Hearts Mix by Y◎UNG ▼DULTS or "Black Roses" by Sage Baby, these Cali kids are killin' it these days.

Download Sage Baby's Black Roses mix here.

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