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Last night I went to check out Santigold with a bunch of people. The show was beyond what I expected. I've always liked her but after last night, I'm without a doubt on Santi's team. I always love seeing what people do to integrate their backup signers and Santigold comes in 2nd place after Erykah Badu for her strategic use of backup singers. She was accompanied by two dancing and singing machines. Both were right next to her, which doesn't usually go down. I say it's a good look! Santi is a hearty chick for sure. If she didn't have a lover on tour with her we might've taken her out on a hearty date aka drinking and popsicle eating fest. Instead we just went out after and paid the Mustache Men family a visit at Blue Dog.

So this chick came on stage to dance along to one of the songs--totally normal. Feeling rather "free" if you will, the young lady took off her sandals off. She proceeded to throwing one of her sandals into the crowd--unnecessary, a sign of excitement perhaps. Needless to say we would later learn that this was planned. The logic was there and so was the plan, if you loose your sandal they can't realistically send you back into the crowd shoeless, sandaless in this case. It was only a matter of time before the vultures came out and she got scooped up by a Suicidal Tendencies t-shirt sporting boy. Am I surprised? Not at all. What else would you expect. Two glasses of champagne later, equipped with two boys slip on Vans visibly too big for her tiny feet, the young lady was sent on her way...where to? We still don't know but we have a few suspicions. Who knows what other gifts she was given? Only a boy with bad tendencies would know... ;)

photos by - C. Shapiro

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