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So besides snowboarding and food, I’m also thoroughly in love with fashion and shopping (what girl isn’t right?). Being from Vancouver and being of the female variety means that I tend to do a lot of my shopping at Van city stapleAritzia. The Vancouver based company began in 1984 as a singular boutique but has since evolved into a large chain (12 stores in Vancouver alone, 46 across North America) that carries a multitude of fantastic brands as well as 5 inhouse brands. Wilfred being the most expensive of their inhouse brands is naturally my favorite and on more occasions than I care to disclose I look down and realize that my entire outfit is made up of not only just Aritzia clothes, but Wilfredclothes.  Basically what I’m getting at is that I’m an addict and probably could have bought a new car if I didn’t shop there so much. I don’t know what is so elusive and intoxicating about spending money on things I’ll hardly ever wear because I spend 80% of my time in long johns (yes I am wearing them as I type this), but I just can’t seem to help myself. I love to browse and try things on that I can’t afford, I dream about owning a pair of Louboutins, that classic Chanel purse and a McQueen gown for some red carpet event I will NEVER attend. Clothing is intoxicating to me and even with all the guilt that comes a long with it, I think that, for the most part, the fabric we put on our bodies is a good investment.

So all justifications aside, Wilfred’s F/W 10 collection has just become available and I’m now really excited to get home, reunite with my partner in crime and get down to business. I included some photos of my favorite pieces below and you can view the entire collection here. As I was browsing around, foaming at the mouth and trying to find the collection online I stumbled across a fashion blog called ‘Sea of Shoes’. I’m not going to lie, after only 24 hours of following her blog, I love to hate this girl. First of all I’m pretty sure she gets free clothes…yes I’m aware that I get free snowboards, but I could quite possibly sell my soul for just a fraction of this young ladies wardrobe. Secondly she has all the shoes I’ve longed to even try on and lastly she possesses the amazing ability to not only shop vintage and thrift stores, but mix and match with new pieces to create one effortlessly chic outfit. I still don’t know the full story on this Jane character, but I like her and am jealous of her friends who I hope get the honor of raiding her closet. If you’re into fashion, check it out and maybe put a towel on your keyboard because drooling may ensue.

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