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My friend Brian has been living in Shanghai for two years. When I asked him why he moved to Shanghai, he said he had read an article in the New York Times that said Shanghai was like New York City in its industrial era, and that he wanted "to be there when it all happened." The way he said it reminded me of when my dad took me up on the Empire State Building and I saw for the first time, the city I loved from the clouds. Everywhere in Shanghai they were building and building. Preparing steadily for the World Expo in 2010. A city in its ecbolic hour right before modernity. With its technicolor bicycles rushing between skyscrapers and its history blowing through it like a menacing wind.

A row of old city residences before a skyline straight out of the Jetsons.

Pomeranian on a stroll.

A restaurant on a dimly lit street with "dog meat hot pot" on its window.

These guys know how to recycle.

The realness.

The barbershop.

Mickey bowling in front of the "Better Life" propaganda poster.

At the international wing of Shanghai's airport with my Moleskine and Tokyo hotel address.

Next stop, Shibuya.

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  1. Jenny says:

    i really like the pics you took, there not all one dimension “oh look how modern and lit up the city is!” type (like the ones my mom and I took when we went to travel. It’s interesting to walk the streets of highly developed streets of cities like Shanghai and Beijing and yet many parts of the city remains underdeveloped. I feel bad for the people living there but it gives such a unique taste to the city, like a city that refuses to forget its past.

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