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I first discovered Joel Ortiz, when Hana was hosting her weekly radio show "The Reign." I would call in every week and hate on whatever was bothering me that week or share whatever ridiculous lines I had gotten from loser girls and boys at whatever dumb event or show I was working at that weekend. She interviewed Joel Ortiz, and let's just say he was overwhelmingly charming, a publicist's dream artist. I couldn't help but check his stuff out and the interview Hana conducted that day, still happens to be one of the best interviews I've heard to date outdoing any Fabo, Primo or Freeway types. Joel is probably one of my favorite rappers in the game right now. He brings out the latin pride in me, yeah i'm not latin but we're neighbors and with the amount of times I've been asked if I was latin, I'm pretty much an honorary latina.

Here is Good Times! Worth the listen...

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