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I'm ashamed that didn't vote in the last election. I, like millions of other Canadians, didn't get off my ass to register and shrugged my shoulders thinking that the rest of Canada would take care of it--turns out they didn't. This year I'm registered and will honor the women who fought for my right to vote (which was only extended to Quebec women 71 years ago in 1940) and the politicians who built this great democratic country. Canada has been given a second chance, hopefully we can make a difference this time around.

With that said, check out the debate from last night, Harper gets creamed. And if you haven't caught the Shit Harper Did link on facebook yet, check it out, hopefully it will get you off your butt and registered.

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9 Responses to “Shit Harper Did”

  1. John MacKenzie says:

    The Shit Harper Did site is already showing as suspended.

  2. John MacKenzie says:

    Of course, a shitload of traffic coming from Facebook could be the problem.

  3. Melissa Parrott says:

    The Shit Harped Did link is blocked now. Deemed ‘forbidden’ by the internet gods…or just a broken link, hmm? I’m sad it is down, it had great truths that will get your blood boiling.

    403 Forbidden

    Server configuration does not allow access to this page.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Hey.. I actually thought it was a great site when a friend posted it to facebook this morning. I just checked it and guess what? Shut down! Wanna bet what happened to it??
    -Jeremy, Nova Scotia

  5. Mira Mira says:

    They got over a million hits in one day! So their server crashed. Everything is back up.

  6. voxnewman says:

    I loved the video. I found out about it after writing a blog that was very similar to the subject matter of the website.

  7. Bill Kennedy says:

    Did anyone see him on the debates. He wouldn’t even look the other leaders in the face. He looked so contrived and artificial. Our PM is a juice arse, and a dangerous creepy one. ahhhhhhh

    Get rid of him.

  8. Mira Mira says:

    This is my favorite:

    “You keep using this word ‘bickering.’ This isn’t bickering, Mr. Harper. This is democracy. This is a debate. It’s not some pesky little irrelevance that gets in the way of your power. This is how democracy works.” -Ignatieff

  9. arnold mckenzie says:

    there’s always Harper’s cousin to keep us amused..

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