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I have to be honest here. I am sick of the Jersey Shore. I'm sick of the sexism. I'm sick of Ron's abusive behavior. I'm sick of the fighting. I'm sick of the cheese bed. I'm sick of Karma. I'm just sick of it. Here is what happened this week:

Of course Sam is scared because Ron is an abusive psycho. This relationship is beyond unhealthy and needs some serious intervention. During this episode Sam asked a male friend to meet her at the club which turned into a screaming match between Ron and Sam. Sam protested that he was "just a friend" while Ron threatened her, verbally and physically, while everyone else sat around in their post-club sweatpants and said nothing. Pardon me, actually Vinny said something. "Girls don't have friends that are guys." Another genius moment from the world's biggest nothing burger.

I am done with this and you should be too, Sam. Seriously.

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