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This week's installment of Shore, Seriously is all about our favorite Jersey Shore lady, J-Woww.

Quite frankly I'm getting a little sick of the whole Snooki and Mike drama. Who cares if she s'ed his d back in L.A. a million years ago? And double who cares if she f'ed Vinny's d last episode. What I'm interested in is J-Woww and how she has become the lady of all ladies on the Jersey Shore.

Every time I go on Twitter one of the many women I know is tweeting about how much they love J-Woww. She is the ultimate trending topic right now and there is a damn good reason. Could J-Woww be the new MTV icon for females? Either way, she has something going on that some of us girls just can't get over.

Even though Snooki told J-Woww to repeatedly "shut up" earlier that morning, here J-Woww is being the best friend - or mother - little Snooki could ask for. J-Woww is like Mother Teresa, but with gigantic boobs and cut-offs instead of soft, elderly wrinkles and a permanent halo. J-Woww will never have wrinkles. Never. She'll just kick box the wrinkles off her perfect face.

"If you loved him, you wouldn't have done that with Vinny."

J-Woww is all about statement pieces. This season, it's hats. Maybe she's trying to channel the some kind of "ladies who lunch" vibe, but either way, she looks great. At the wine tasting, J-Woww laid down the law to Snooki when she was looking for sympathy about her pseudo-break-up with Jionni. It's important to have people in your life that keep you grounded in reality, especially when you are a drunk reality star who isn't particularly interested or aware of the consequences of your actions. We need friends who are going to tell us when we are acting like idiots. We don't have to listen, but we do need those people. Even if they burn us later with a big, fat "I Told You So".

J-Woww, of course, did not resort to petty "I Told You So's". She knows she was right and, because she is such an awesome friend, did not rub this in Snooki's puffy, little face. You know why? She has confidence. All she did was hug Snooki and continue to support her. Mother-fucking-Teresa.

What I love about J-Woww is that she is a put-together, no-bullshit lady who has a soft jelly heart with a tough, unbreakable shell. She wears everything from her off-the-shoulder dresses to her gigantic, fake breast with pride. When it comes to her surgical enhancements, J-Woww does not deny the obvious (unlike some wanna-be stars) and this is refreshing. She isn't a part of the train wreck, she's the head engineer keeping the trains on track when they've had too many shots. Maybe we find J-Woww so fabulous because next to the immature antics of Snooki and Deena she seems like the corner stone of womanhood? Either way, Rodger is a lucky, lucky guy.

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    What a star.

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