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It's summer which means I'm on tour, again. Last night we played Portland and it was surprisingly fun. I usually get bummed out and depressed in Portland but the show was great. We all drank Greyhounds. It was high class. As usual, there is no AC in the van, boxes of records beneath our feet and Kenny busted his amp only 3 days into the tour. We have 60 more days to go. I won't be able to write on here as much or spend my much needed quality time with the internet so instead I'm keeping a pen-and-paper diary for the van. How retro. My good friend and photographer Jody Rogac is hoping into our van in New Orleans to document the trip. I could not be happier. Then, Daniel's boyfriend Seth from Hunx and his Punx is coming along for the ride too. Lots of hop-ins and hop-ons. Wish me luck. See you later.

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