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And yes, as per usual, my hair is a mess. Thank you for asking.

I will never like my BBerry as much as I loved my iPhone. Apps aren't as good, camera sucks, no built-in iPod! Although there is the upside of Messenger, it still doesn't measure up. Recently, my BBerry broke--which added to my dislike of the product--the ball kept falling out. Anytime I had to do anything phone related, I'd have to pick up the ball and carefully put it back in place--it was like having a two part phone. And, it was so annoying. Last night, I finally got a replacement in the mail. This one is so smooth, keys are way less worn and best of all, the rare time I actually phone someone, the ball doesn't fall into the streets. BBerry I guess we can be friends again, this relationship isn't progressing any further though. Don't push your luck.

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