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Last week I was invited to Erykah Badu's "New Ameykah Part II" release party. I can't even front, the truth is I was begging to go. If you know me at all, you already know Erykah brings out some questionable fanatic tendencies in me. Jokes aside, I have a long standing love for this wonderful woman and all things Badu. Contrary to the majority of release parties out there, Erykah's didn't include a mock Dj playing the record accompanied by some random industry heads nodding contemplating approval. Erykah did it proper by showing up and actually performing for a venue filled with fans, artists and friends, myself included--doesn't it make sense? I enjoyed every second of it and proudly bought the new record.

She's described the album as being "more emotional and flowy" and "about feelings."  The uproar surrounding Erykah's new video, inspired by an early Matt & Kim video, in which she strips naked, is kind of ironic to me given how personal the record is, there's some real emotional stripping going on in there. My favorite track? Out of my mind, Just in time. Take a listen!

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