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People are really down on Heidi Montag because of the ten course meal of plastic surgeries she recently consumed: a brow lift, nose job revision, boob job revision, botox, lipo on stomach and thighs, cheek and lip injections, ear pinning, chin reduction, neck lipo and butt augmentation. Heidi went under the knife in late November and is still not fully satisfied with her transformation. Referring to her boobs she said, "I like the F. I actually want H for Heidi." Heidi also justifies her surgery as God's will.

Besides "God", Heidi does have one other supporter, (and now a twin, I guess) Joan Rivers (see clip here). Joan was pissed that Heidi got such a freakin' steal on her procedures. When visiting the Wendy Williams Show, Joan asked men in the audience - because men are the judges of female beauty, remember? Even in countries like Mauritania where women force-feed their children milk, millet and butter because men in that culture are attracted to fuller, fertile women - if they would rather have Rivers "on a clean bed or Wendy on garbage?" She says that "nobody cares how nice the inner person is" as she throws her manicured hands into her lap.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling totally inspired.

But wait guys, Janice Dickinson has something to say as well, "Heidi was a plain dowdy girl before the surgeries. She's a rural mountain girl that wasn't blessed with great genes. The reason I became a Supermodel was because of my genetics, I was lucky, I was born that way. To be a great beauty you need symmetry, and that was something that she, and Doctor Ryan, obviously thought she was lacking."

And "boom goes the dynamite".

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