Hana May / Time Out’s Most Stylish New Yorker

January 24, 2011, 10:20 | Link | Posted in: | | | One Comment

Steve is not only one of my favorite people in this city, he's also now officially one of the most stylish. I'm not sure what's better, his answer to signature garment, “I wear a ton of cardigans. And I like my cardigans like I like my women: chunky.” Or the response it garnered "Wow, is it just me or is Steve SOOOO hot?? I've never seen a guy rock a drop crotch pant like he can. PS- I'm chunky, call me." Congrats Steve! Check out the whole piece on Time Out New York here.


One Response to “Time Out’s Most Stylish New Yorker”

  1. Yes, Mr. Dool!

    another tip ladies: he likes ‘em weird and vaguely ethnic. Again, like his sweaters.