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Remember when I said, "I'm getting to the end of my stick n poke career. I think..." Well, I thought wrong. (Big shocker). I got up early today, wrote some stuff, called up Ben, enjoyed the sunshine, bought a six pack and needles then, I let him tattoo a unicorn on my arm. It's really bruised right now but when that baby heals I'll be one of those girls with a unicorn tattoo.

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4 Responses to “STOKE N’ JOKE P.2”

  1. Bones says:

    What is it about stick n poke tattoos that make them so addicting?

  2. paigw says:

    its not supposed to be so bruised maybe hes pushing too hard or using ink that isnt non-toxic. that happened when i was using ink that came from some caligraphy set but i started to use speedball and higgins and it stopped

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