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Dropped by The Seventh Letter's "Known Gallery" on Fairfax to checkout Stussy and Haze's show last week. Record heat levels in any art gallery known to man was noticed that night, there were more humans in the gallery than I can count up to while tipsy and if the crowd inside wasn't enough to set off the claustrophobia in any calm lady, the show managed to paralyze a sidewalk--I think we can officially say it was a crippling success! My family away from home the Hellz Bellz fam, DJ Lady Sha and Jolie were all in the house and I even spotted a lost New Yorker. I also ran into an old pal, Mark, who snapped a photo of Jolie and I. Check out the flicks...



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  1. Mish mish says:

    There’s a random babe in one of the photos here. We must discuss this.

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