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At the end of June I drove down to Government Camp, OR with my good friend and fellow snowboard shred Leanne Pelosi. Government camp just might be the smallest town ever, but it's home to High Cascade Snowboard Camp and a mere ten minute drive from Timberline Resort at Mt. Hood. High Cascade is like Disneyland for kids who snowboard and skate. No parents, an awesome snowboard park to ride all day long, fried food night for dinner once a week, a foam pit, skate bowls and a ton of pro's and cool coaches to chill with, not to mention all the free swag they head home with. Even if you aren't a fourteen year old you're guaranteed to have a huge smile on your face and to be extremely exhausted at the end of the day because you aren't fourteen anymore. Leanne and I are some of the lucky pros who get to host what HCSC calls a Signature Session. You shred all day, high five campers and help them out when needed, do lots of funny activities, give away free stuff and just have too much fun for a week straight.

After the first day of riding we did an all girl's session on the foam pit. I know some people will be all "yeah, yeah, girl power, whatever", but it really does help. It's intimidating to roll up to something with 35 boys who are double flipping and corking left right and center and be a beginner. That feeling is something that I think every single girl who's done an action sport has felt, hell even some in regular sports. I did, I was so afraid to go to the park my first time. If there had of been a babe introduction course to riding park I would have taken it. Anyways, there was a huge turn out and all the girls had so much fun jumping into the the pit and trying everything from straight airs to rodeos to double fronts. The winning lady got a sweet date with me to Huck's. I took her and a few other girls and treated them to Huck's world famous milkshakes after our session. Foam pits are extremely difficult and tiring to get out of, hence the stupid contest. On a side note, the Huckleberry Inn is a mandatory stop when in Hood, their shakes are on point.

The next three days were spent lapping the park with Janna, Leanne and Silja trying everything from new grabs to cab spins. It was really fun to get to just cruise with a few friends, it doesn't happen all that often. Leanne, Elena and I also did our own activity after riding. We had the girls who came out do a three legged race and an egg toss. One girl ended up head butting someone else's egg and had it all in her hair. We also had a two team crash during the three legged race, maybe next time we won't play on the road...Check out the video of the carnage below.

All in all it was an awesome week. A huge thanks to Preston and all of the staff and campers of High Cascade. Thanks for making me feel twelve again.

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Leanne and I on the chairlift.

The mad scramble to get out of the pit.

Not my best moment. A not so stylish backy.

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