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After a day of walking in the sun, loitering at Cafe Olympico (Montreal's gem coffee shop) and eating TUMS at Charlotte's in an effort to regain 110% of my healthy spirit, we have decided to take the final step into kissing the weekend goodbye by crafting. Charlotte is preparing hearty's June craft and I've already prepared my "can I keep it" scam. In crafty spirit, I've been working away at drawing. I've decided to start putting together a zine filled with short stories... we'll see if it comes together. So far some of the ridiculous drawings look something like this..

Oh and for humour sake, try drawing an ex-crush, you'll be filled with satisfaction/ laughter!

ps- Had to show off this other gem I found at the Fairfax/ Melrose flea market. Once again if you're in the L.A. region on a sunday, make sure to stop by, you just may find a skirt to turn into a summer dress! xo

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