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A few weeks ago, I shared my secret love for baseball and a certain ex-baseball player from the Dodgers to my lady friend DJ Lady Sha over a bowl of pad thai. It hit me that I had never been to a Dodgers game and while one of my few summer wishes was to join a softball team, I figured why not spend an afternoon in the sun watching L.A's finest strike away. I didn't even have the time to finish my rant that Sha said "That's it girl, we're going, I'm taking you!" So what did I do this weekend? I spent it in the sun, eating Dodger dogs, peanuts, beer and ice cream while meeting a slew of lovely boys and girl. The Dodgers won and I am now a self-proclaimed good luck charm! A big thank you to David from the Dodgers for taking such amazing care of us and providing us with the ultimate Dodgers experience and Sha for making it happen. I'm now experiencing fun withdrawal but you guys made oneĀ of my little L.A dreams come true!

And now the pictures...

I came equipped for the sun with the fake frogskins (DJ Psychology where are you?)

At the end of the game, kids got to run onto the field and hit a couple home runs. Way too cute to handle.

Director of Ticket Sales for the Dodgers David and the lovely DJ Lady Sha.

Sarah and Gaelen plotting how they're gonna get some sun.

Meet my Dodger dogs, we ate a couple of those throughout the game. We had access to a room filled with all you can eat goodies, you better believe we left stuffed.

I made a lot of new friends, including a grand-ma who told me she loved the Dodgers and was also a very big basketball fan. At the end of the game she came to find me so we could high five. Should've kept in touch...

Typical "I'm at the baseball game" shot.

My partner in crime Jolie and I trying to follow the game.

I made friends with the smallest Dodgers fan, he had the songs and the chants down to a tee. Way too cute to handle.

What's a good baseball game without a couple of hecklers?

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