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After the Olympics I headed to Bear Mountain in California for a Burton women's team shoot. I had only ever been to Bear once before and that was in the summer for this rail jam they do called 'Hot Dogs and Handrails" so despite great reviews I didn't really know what to expect. Beat Mountain kills it! The park is amazing, it covers 80% of the mountain and is really creative and fun. They hooked us up with tickets, a place to crash, food, parking and were down to build us whatever we wanted. Our crew was extremely cultured, we had myself and Natasza Zurek from Canada, Hannah, Maddy, Kelly, Ellery and Susie from the US, Rana and Yuki from Japan, Linn from Norway and Shelly from NZ. Yuki and Rana taught me some awesome Japanese sayings, I can't wait to go there again next season and ask some boys on a date.

Anyways, we spent four days shooting there with Burton photogs Curtes, and Blotto and filmers Aaron and Tim. I think we came away some solid shots for the catalogue and hopefully for some editorial stuff as well. I don't get to spend time shooting as much as I would like due to my heavy contest schedule so it was nice to change it up a bit. It also didn't hurt that we had beautiful weather the entire time and a super fun crew.

I didn't take too many photos, but here's a couple of shots.

ellery and linn

me and ellery, one of my favorite snowboard girls.

leyland doing what he does best.

yuki being awesome.

maddy. cutest 15 and 3/4 year old i know.

boards! we're a colorful crew.

chilling on the deck before heading up the hill.

i won the bronze at the olympics. not really, but i wish. pumped to have gotten to see that in real life.

ellery got bronze too.

the real winner.

snowboarders don't travel light.

Thanks to the incredible crew at Bear, Burton, Susie, Blotto, Aaron, Tim, Curtes and the girls for making it an awesome week. I hope we get to do it again soon!

Talk soon,


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