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Teen Mom is the MTV series sequel to 16 and Pregnant, a show that profiled six young soon-to-be mom's through out their pregnancies and births. I finished the entire season on Saturday because I was hung over. Laying in the bed with three blankets, half a watermelon and a spoon, I watched as MTV compiled clips of Farrah, Ebony, Maci, Catelynn, Whitney and Amber into a pretty honest series about becoming a teenage mother. With each shovel of watermelon I stuffed into my face, I became more and more wrapped up in each girls tale. I found myself raging at their shitty boyfriends or frustrated with their family members. And when Catelynn gave her baby away to the creepy-nice Christian family I cried. I cried for way too long.

Yesterday was the premiere episode of Teen Mom.

MACI from Chattanooga, Tennesee

Maci got pregnant by the boy she lost her virginity to. His name is Ryan. They decided to keep the baby and get married. He didn't help her as she juggled pregnancy, work and school. They almost broke-up until they realized that they should stay together for the sake of their child. In Teen Mom things haven't changed much for Maci, except that her and Ryan are now rock-paper-scissoring the baby chores instead of her doing all the work. Maci and Ryan seem to laugh and kiss more in the new series and that's good, since the pressure to get married is heating up. "Aren't you glad we're getting married now that we get along?" Maci asks Ryan one day over french fries. He kind of nods.

FARRAH from Council Bluff, Iowa

Farrah ditched her cheerleading and shopping to stick it out and have her baby, Sophia. With zero help from the father (who we find out is an over-bearing, verbally abusive douche bag), Farrah decides to keep the baby. Oh, fuck. Did I say "decide"? I meant is forced by her anti-choice, Bible thumping mother. Although we don't see this side of her mother in 16 and Pregnant (except when she accuses Farrah of having an "anti-Christ attitude" for crying about not having a car) the truth about Farrah's options becomes very clear in Teen Mom.

Farrah gets bummed because her baby is making it hard for her to go to modeling casting calls and have ice cream with boys, so she puts her foot down and goes on a date with Cole, a fellow model who she is set up with by her very tanned, very gay friends, Brad and Tyler. (Tyler is amazing by the way. When Farrah needed his advice about her pregnancy, he made her sit outside his tanning bed to talk while he tanned instead of just canceling his appointment.) Farrah brings Cole home to meet her mother. She grills him, invites him to church and then insists that in this family, they believe in abstinence until marriage. In the end, it turns out Cole is a cheater, so Farrah plots an embarrassing set-up to catch him. She dumps him over pizza. Scenes from next episode? We find out Farrah starts dating a dude named Shack.

CATELYNN from Algonac, Michigan

Catelynn has a complicated life. Her mom re-married her boyfriend's father, so now the father of her baby is also her step-brother. Catelynn and her boyfriend/step-brother, Tyler decided that they wanted more for their baby's life than they were able to offer, so they looked into adoption. They ended up choosing a straight laced, middle-class couple and the whole episode reeks of Juno. Catelynn and Tyler clearly love each other and understand that is all they have (or at least the editing process frames their story that way). Tyler's father, Butch, disowns Tyler when he finds out they are giving the baby away because "real men take care of their families." Ironically, Tyler's father wasn't able to take care of him as a tot because he was in jail. Butch even noted this irony himself, but does not come to any personal epiphany. He also laughed at Catelynn when she broke down in tears about her changing pregnant body.

Catelynn and Tyler agree to an open adoption but still have a tough time giving away their baby girl. I lost it when the adoptive mother gave Catelynn a silver charm bracelet and said that she will wear the same one and when the baby is old enough, she will wear one too. They will always be connected. Water works.

The Teen Mom episode focused on the relationship between Tyler and Butch which has yet to be mended. We also see Catelynn and her mother slowly becoming friends again.

Teen Mom is the most depressing show on television, but it is also brilliant.

Depressing because it reminds me that women have little to no control over their own bodies, access to health care and an open-minded sexual education to converse with. Maybe some of these girls are sincerely happy with motherhood. I don't want to victimize any of them. I'm just saying that I think they all deserve realistic access to the options and being taught strictly abstinence-only in sex ed is not what I consider "the options".

On the other ovary, Teen Mom is brilliant, if the viewer is critical. The content is diverse, showing a variety of teens from different socioeconomic backgrounds, family situations and body types. It raises a lot of questions about privacy and exploitation, like what will these kids think when they grow up and see the episodes? The editing process and story lines allude to the current issues about choice, abortion, poverty, consent and female sexuality. For example, Farrah's mother says she was devastated the day she found out her daughter was pregnant for two reasons. One, she had to be a grandmother. Two, this meant that Farrah had to deny the Miss America Pageant offer she had received in the mail the very same day. I'm thinking of a procedure that starts with an "a" that could have really changed things for Farrah. And no, it's not abstinence. For a viewer like myself, a feminist who lives in a society with a health care system that provides contraceptives, medical aid and accessibility to abortion, it solidifies the idea that these options should be equal to every woman, everywhere. Teen Mom teaches us that this is not the current case.

It's a fucked up time for women. It's a fucked up time for television. It's a fucked up time for everything everywhere, but when has it ever been good for everyone?

Last weekend I listened to Pamela Cross talk about the dangerous implications of Bill C422, a bill that if passed in Canada will make it nearly impossible for women leaving abusive husbands to break contact with their abusers due to mandatory joint custody. A bill that views domestic violence as an "additional" concern when dealing with custody rights. Yesterday I read about the "Bo-Tax" debates that are flying around feminist circles in the U.S. And today Teen Mom made me realize we need feminist discourse to spread now more than ever.

Watch Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant on MTV.

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57 Responses to “Teen Mom: The Most Depressing Show On Earth”

  1. yoshi says:

    THE best show for birth control. HAND DOWN.

  2. katrina says:

    oooof! ALL OF THIS AND STILL NO PROPER SEXUAL EDUCATION! ridiculous. (and I also Loved your bit on the vaginal mint!!)

  3. Brian says:

    I how they show one of the teen moms choking her boyfriend and slapping him and everyone knows if if was him assualting her try wouldve called the police rite then and there but yet cuase it was her it’s acceptable cuase she’s their star

  4. Find it online says:

    Farrah’s baby daddy died in a car crash before the kid was born. And to be fair, Farrah’s mom didn’t force her to do anything, she encouraged her to give the kid up for adoption.

  5. Mish Mish says:

    But don’t you think it’s interesting that these extremely important story lines are not included in Farrah’s episode of 16 & Pregnant?

    I know Farrah’s mother did not force her into motherhood, however she raised her daughter in an environment that believes abstinence until married is a realistic option (see episode 1 of Teen Mom). Obviously, as we can see with Farrah (and about a million other current studies and sources), this is not realistic. I just wonder if Farrah was given access to contraceptives or sexual education? I wonder if she can explain why she is “against abortion”? (See Life after Labor clips)

  6. Johnny says:

    This is a rediculous article.. The episodes of teen mom with Farrah doesn’t even have Tyler in it, it is Brad and Travis, who, by the way are not her friends in reality, Cole never officially “dated” Farrah, farrah just asked him to be her date on mtv, brad set them up, brad was friends with Derek (the baby’s father) growing up.

  7. PhillyGirl says:

    Regarding Farrah, you’re wrong about her mother. In “16 and Pregnant” her mother actually suggested Farrah consider other options such as abortion, but Farrah INSISTED on keeping the baby. It was 100% her choice.

    I think Farrah is pretty irresponsible. In every episode she’s chasing a different guy… She seems obsessed with getting a new boyfriend, going out on dates and forcing her baby onto her grandma and mother. She should be focusing on getting an education. She’s very immature, and boo-hoo cries whenever people confront her on her irresponsible ways. One cannot have a child without having to sacrifice. She’s a little brat.

  8. Jessica says:

    Farrah seems intelligent. She probably could tell you why she is “against abortion.”
    I’m not sure if YOU have ever been pregnant? If you haven’t, you really don’t know what you are talking about. You’re writing from a vicarious perch that has nothing to do with experiential reality. That’s why you’re regurgitating a line of Planned Parenthood about abortion.
    Open your mind and educate yourself on fetal development. Talk to women who have been pregnant and seen their babies moving at age 12 weeks or the heart beating at 7 weeks on ultrasound. The baby/fetus is ALIVE. And yes, gasp…it IS human!!
    Also, you are not a “victim” of your sexuality, though you seem to believe you are. Women have control of their bodies, just not the whole world. You can choose to abstain from sex or use birth control.
    They also have control of their child’s body and can kill the child, via abortion, if they choose.
    Kudos to Farrah’s mom for having faith and being a great role model in many ways.
    And the Christian couple looked awesome. Talk about having no choice? They couldn’t even get pregnant. But they are choosing to open their homes to a child and love it, instead of being creepy atheist types who would kill the child.
    Step outside your PP party line and a get a grown-up worldview.

  9. rachel says:

    i think farrahs a brat too she has abs. nothin to do with her kid. its pretty fucked up her mom has to raise her. ambers a piece of shit for hittin her boyfriend, && shes a big crybaby like farrah! like wtf grow up you got a kid now. i think this show is stupid bc its not even about being a teen mom its about boyfriend problems! I AM A TEEN MOTHER && theres nowhere near as much drama in my life as theirs.

  10. Ashley says:

    I love the show! Catelynn and Tyler are two of the most mature, responsible teenagers I have seen. They may have, in some people’s mind, made a mistake by getting pregnant. But the courage and strength they showed by giving their beautiful baby girl the life that she needs and deserves says so much about them! That would be such a heart-wrenching decision to have to make but they new what was right and I highly commend them for keeping in touch with the adoptive parents and still being active in the baby’s life. The bond that Catelynn and Tyler seem to have with each other is also amazing. I wish them the best in life!!!!

  11. supreme says:

    this show is kinda stupid and pointless at the same time. because there are lots of people who have a baby when there a teen and they do not get a damn show about it. what does this show prove other then making the people on the show look like complete idiots. what i say is why have sex if you do not want a baby and or do not have a condom. (condoms do not always work yet all of the women and guys on the show said they did not use condoms when they where having sex.) ABORTION IS SO FUCKING not needed when the people that are having sex have a brain in your body.

  12. Dawn says:

    Catelynn & Tyler, I’m not going to say that one day you’ll be awesome parents because you already are great parents! I love to watch you guys…you show such maturity and responsibility.

  13. tutu says:

    Please, someone, do this girl Farrah a favor and send her to get psychological help. she has mucho problems and needs to learn how to mother her baby. Why did she have a baby?

  14. Liz says:

    I am a fairly open minded person. I try to see it from all sides and I see where both pro lifers and pro choicers are coming from. It’s a grey area; there is no one size fits all solution.

    That said, getting back to what brings the babies-sex-I can be open minded to the point where I’ll play devil’s advocate and call bullshit where I see it.

    I agree, the show is a great form of birth control and should be shown to teens everywhere. I agree, abstinence only education does not work. I feel that sex should not be treated as a religious issue, but as a health and emotional issue.

    That said…it’s a bit tiring to see this “women are victims of their own sexuality” line be played over and over and over. People KNOW that if they have sex, babies can be a result of said sex. So why is it such a damn surprise when these girls end up getting knocked up and we see how sucky it is?

    Bottom line: Sex isn’t evil. But from the perspective of common sense, if you are not as safe as you can be while having sex (and even then it might not be enough) when you are not prepared for the mental, emotional, physical and economical consequence of a baby, then you damn well be prepared for that consequence before you become sexually active. And yes, it’s f*ing dumb for a sixteen year old to be fooling around. I don’t care if it’s your instinct or not, it’s not the moral aspect of it that bothers me, it’s everything else I mentioned. So do not expect me to boo hoo for you whether you decide to get an abortion, give it up or keep it. It’s like sticking your hand in a cookie jar when you know you can get caught and then are upset when someone notices. (Notice I did not say it was wrong, but that you’d get caught.) Not trying to be a b*h, but c’mon, people: Common sense. There’s a choice long before the baby comes…and that is to be safe and smart about it. Maybe *gasp* putting off sex until you’re able to handle everything, and that doesn’t necessarily mean marriage. THIS is what schools should be teaching, not whether or not it is universally right or wrong, but to educate people on deciding when is the right and wrong time for them, and what to do about it when they decide to become sexually active.

    There’s so much BC out there. And with the Net, there’s free access to information for anyone who wants it-so we can not entirely blame the abstinence only education system. If kids know there’s porn online, they should know there’s helpful info online, too.

  15. Liz says:

    Also: To the commentors and and to the writer, knock it off with the creepy christian and creepy atheist stereotypes. Being creepy doesn’t have anything to do with one’s belief in God, and both of you are feeding into stereotypes. I know plenty of decent and sucky Christians, just like I know plenty of decent and sucky atheists. Religion does not dictate one’s level of morality or level of creepiness; if you are going to be a creep or a good person, I would think that you would be regardless of religion and it’s not the atheism or belief that makes or breaks that characteristic, but rather that characteristic is just there and feeds off of the belief or atheism. In other words: If you want to be a condenscending brat, you will be any way, but because you know your bible, can use it to your advantage of being a judgemental brat. Sorry for the rambling, hope that made sense.

  16. Mish mish says:

    @ Liz – In regards to your creepy Christian comment. I actually said “creepy-nice, Christian couple”. I was not implying they are creepy because they were Christian, but because of the way they were acting in the first segment – they were probably nervous to be on camera. It really had nothing to do with their religion.

    I also wanted to thank you for your comments.

  17. preston says:

    Amber amber amber need I say more. Ok I will bi polar ,brat post pardom depression.

  18. Hillary says:

    Although I am not in the age range of the average MTV viewer, this show has just got me hooked. I give props to MTV for showing the life-altering consequences of sex and opens eyes to a reality that many young people are facing this very moment. Is it just me, or do the teens handle the situation better than their parents? Tyler’s dad is so ignorant, Catelynn and Tyler are so sweet together and showed great maturity in making the choice that will best benefit the child, and not themselves. Amber’s and Farrah’s moms spent more times huffing about their teens’ unplanned pregnancy instead of nurturing their in their time of need daughters.

  19. Joe says:

    Where is the synopsis about Amber and Gary????? The guy who bought a $12.99 ring from Wal Mart and asked about the return policy?

  20. ashlie says:

    Farrah is learning and you shouldent say mean things bout her baby daddy hes dead

  21. Valerie says:

    I think Catelynn and Tyler made an amazing, yet difficult decision to give up their baby. I think if they were more financially stable they would have kept her. But it seems there was no other choice for them.
    Farrah’s mom seems to be a smart lady, BUT she is a complete control freak! It’s like she needs to control every aspect of Farrah’s life, and that WILL hold Farrah back from actually growing up, and learning things on her own. I think Farrah has a lot to work on– she feels she has to be a social butterfly. Well I hate to say it, but when you become a parent, you tend to lose your social life, for a while, at least. That’s just the way it is, and the way it should be. Farrah needs to focus more on that pretty little girl. I am not a teen mom, so I don’t know what it is like. But I am a mom of a 2 yr. old (I’m 28), and I can say, ever since I was pregnant, until now, I have grown up tremendously. Children need a responsible reliable parent/parents that they can count on.
    And I don’t even know what to say about Amber. She seriously needs help. It’s sad to see a young girl in such an unstable mind frame. I know in the last episode I saw, she was able to get some medication to help, but she may need more than that.
    Well, I’ll quit rambling about the girls. lol All in all, I think this is a good show. And I hope it is helpful for the young people who watch it- maybe it will make them think twice about their choices. Even if they choose to have sex, maybe they will be more cautious after watching this show. I don’t think abstinence is a bad idea, but I would never preach it to anyone. Who am I to tell a teen whether or not they should or shouldn’t? lol But I think every teen, hell, even adults should learn how to be careful and are educated about sex. Sorry for rambling- I’m done now!

  22. JC says:

    Farrah’s mother wanted her to give the baby up for adoption. Farrah’s mother may be overbearing and annoying but she knew her daughter wasn’t prepared to raise a child. She spends no time with that child and think it is okay to run off at all times of the night. Farrah’s parents need to put their foot down and refuse to watch the baby and make Farrah stay home and watch her own child.

  23. Sam P says:

    I don’t think this “Teen Mom” is depressing at all. For the most part it makes me feel good about things in my life. I am actually 22 years old and do not have a child yet. I plan on getting married soon and a year after that I would like to start to have children. This show just portrays everyone’s issues they have to deal with on a daily basis and these girls on this show remind us of how strong we can all be and how you just have to live day by day. It’s a lesson learned to take things as they come and be in good spirits while doing them. I don’t agree with teen pregnancy at all, however unplanned and unexpected things do happen and we all just have to roll with the punches!

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  25. Julie says:

    all I have to say is that amber is a BRAT. ever since 16 and pregnant she has used her daughter as a reason for her failures. She is a lazy, self centered, irresponsible, whiny bitch. I hope she realizes her daughter is not an excuse to drop out of high school and not succeed in life. I had my daughter when I was sixteen too and you know what I did amber? I grew up, got a job, graduated high school, and enrolled in a local university. I also bought a house and married my child’s father. I’m now 19, still in college full time (going for my BSN), and still working upwards of 32 hours a week to help support my family. Amber needs to grow up and look at what she needs to do to make leah’s life as good as possible. there is something wrong with a mother that bitches constantly about how hard it is to sit at home with her child when she does not have to work and has no other responsibilities. Sorry amber but it is not that fucking hard to be a young mother! you can still get an education and support yourself you just have to get creative and take a different route.

  26. Sarah says:

    Farah is a spoiled brat who always pushed to have her own way since she was little. Her mother is the same way. She runs everyone around screaming and throwing tantrums in order to get her way. Deb did want the child to go to adoption, not her daughter. The first smart thing Deb has done in her nasty little life. She threw her husband out for sleeping with her best friend, so on the show he is ‘working out of town’ And from waht we hear about Farrah is that she is still confusing sex with love and is now 18 and pregnant. Stupid selfish girl. ANd Deb made headlines when she drew knives on her daughter. See, no one argurs with eb and gets away with it. Even the cops could not get her to cooperate until they threatened to shoot the bitch. Problems in the house?? You bet your ass.

  27. Catherine says:

    Farrah is a spoiled rotten little brat. The only reason her child is still with her is because her family takes care of her daughter more than she does. She nneds to learn that she sacrificed her teenage years when she chose to keep her baby. If she wanted to continue to be a dumbass teenager, she should have put her baby up for adoption like her mother suggested. This doesnt imply that her mother is a saint; its easy to see where Farrah gets her selfish nature and attitude from. Like they said in Zombieland, Farrah needs to “nut up or shut up.”

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  29. Sierra says:

    I believe these girls cry entirely too much because I was a teen mom myself and instead of crying about how hard it is I suck it up and do what I can to provide for my son they need to realize that it is no longer about them. I agree that Farrah is a brat she definitely shouldn’t be a mother she couldn’t possibly believe that getting a boyfriend is an important priority if she just does what she has to do for her child a guy will respect her hard work and want to be with her and accept Sophia instead of running for the hills when they think she is trying to make them an instant father

  30. shayy says:

    I’m 16 about to be a teen mom. I know many of you who are posting some of this stuff about Farrah don’t understand. Sure I Love this show, because i wish i watched it before, it would of given me more of a clue to reality. Anyways, You really have to think that you don’t see everything on the show that really does happen! Sometimes the TV over does things by not showing the whole situation, like only showing the days farrah went out. You can’t criticize if your not a teen mom, sure you can criticize that they were stupid for having sex, and not thinking of the consequences, but really some of you people should try and put yourself in there shoes it’s hard. Also, the father for my child is not involved, I know how this can feel. I understand where most are coming from, but also you have to see it from her side too. Also later on in the teen mom episodes, she decided to stop dating and focus on Sophia. So give her some credit for realizing what she needs to do. Also, IT’s hard for a teen mom to find a good guy, they don’t realize that if you want her you must treat her daughter or son well. Not ignore them.

  31. shayy says:

    The only reason Farrah wants a boyfriend, is for her to feel comfort and loved. Don’t say thats bull crap because I’m sure many of you have felt that way. It’s not that she is trying to make then an “instant” father, it’s that she just wants someone there besides her mother to talk to and lean on. It’s good to have many friends, but as you can tell that she doesn’t have many now, and sometimes many women feel like they need a man to keep them together. Don’t say thats stupid because it’s how most women are, and I’m sure many of you know that feeling!

  32. Ashley says:

    I don’t even care, the couple that Catelynn and Tyler gave their baby too WAS CREEPY! The dad, for instance, looks like a creepy-baby-touching-god lover. I would have NEVER considered such a creepy dad for my beautiful child. They couldn’t have kids, probably because the dad was so creepy! Nature refused to give him the ability to have children (probably because he would molest them!) Damn. I feel sorry for baby Carly.

    Christan’s are the worst. SO PIG HEADED! Their way, or no way. Brainwashed! Bigots! Homophobes! Republicans! Living a life “according” to a fairytale. I’m glad I’m a Pro-Choice, Atheist, Natural-birth giving mama, raising my child happily with my sweetheart (my daughters, papa).

    Life isn’t really as hard as they show on “16 And Pregnant” and “Teen Mom”. Most of that shit has to be fake. I have NEVER known anyone to have as many problems as each of those teenagers have. I was

    Yes, teen pregnancy shouldn’t be glorified, yet it isn’t really that terrible. I got pregnant at 15, had an abortion (at 2 weeks pregnant) and then at 17 got pregnant again and decided to keep her. I love her more than anything, and am happy with the decision I made regarding becoming a parent. I finished school, am going to college at night and stay home with my daughter during the day. My fiance works full time and takes college courses online. Life is great and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

    Teen pregnancy is only a “problem” when young, immature, in perfect context – “stupid” girls get pregnant and keep their babies. Abortion should always be an option, regardless of your parents beliefs.

  33. Patience says:

    First off, MTV has only showed ONE SIDE of these stories. Has anyone ever thought that maybe Farrah felt like her whole life that she was pressured by her mom and instead of letting her know that it was okay and holding her every once in a while like moms do she reprimanded her for every little action? Yeah BACK OFF FARRAH’s CASE SERIOUSLY. Also, everyone wants to talk about Amber and her boyfriend.. They are both under alot of stress seriously, and if you noticed, they’re young and how many times have you HONESTLY seen their parents? yeah, exactly. They are doing it all alone, so if YOU understand what theyre going through, maybe you would want to hit something or someone too. Nextly, I feel horrible about how Tyler’s dad acts like such a baffoon, and how everyone is trying to make a big deal like “they’re step-siblings” Umm. FIRST OFF they were dating and that’s how their parents met and both of their parents are screwballs and I can’t wait until they get out of that environment. Lastly, Nobody’s given Maci much credit.. She is VERY mature for her age and she loves Bentley so so much and she’s doing the best she can for what she has. I love this show because it shows REAL struggles and REAL fights that happen when you have a baby young, but people seriously need to stop criticizing these couples and let them raise their kids.

  34. dani says:

    I agree with a lot of the posts here. Mtv is making a show and all they care about is viewers. They will do anything to manipulate the situations these girls are in to try and expose them in the most dramatic way possible for the sake of good ratings. I was 18 when I had my son and went through much of the same struggles these girls seem to be dealing with rightnow. They are not bad mothers because they went out a few times or slapped their boyfriend once. They aren’t perfect people and neither are any of you. I do love the show and think it does a very good job of getting its message across. Just realize that until you yourself are PERFECT and without any flaws whatsoever, only then are you in a position to pass judgement on anyone. These are kids who are in a bad position and overcoming obstacles that many adults twice their age can’t even get a handle on. They are having to grow up at the speed of light so give them a damn break. As we are all human being, we are all going to make mistakes. The difference is growing up and learning from them which they seem to be doing. As for the rest of you, get over yourselves.

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  37. Brenda says:

    Farrah’s baby’s father died 2 mths in a car wreck before the baby was EVEN born so that is why he wasn’t there to help her… I did a little researcha and found that out.

  38. Lauren says:

    Shayy, sounds like the only bigot here is you. You’re so open minded and loving? Re-read your post. It’s highly offensive. OK, maybe you believe that way. I don’t care. No one cares. So get off of your tree hugging high horse and be happy for a little girl that got a great home that she wouldn’t have had the chance to have without adoption. Just because you don’t agree with someones way of life or beliefs doesn’t mean that they are “creepy” or “pigheaded”. It really sounds like your the pigheaded one in this situation.

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  40. wendi says:

    ok bottom line….if we give everyone the options of abortion and adoption….we’re saying it’s ok to get pregnant cause there’s an easy out clause..if the girls had to deal with the babies it’d change their perception on sex….but adoption is indeed a good thing due to the fact of undeserving mothers and “under qualified” mothers. it gives the baby a chance. abortion is just wrong..killing is killing.. and it destroys ur body whether u realize it or not…. one day u may decide to have a baby after aborting one or two or three…who keeps count, u didn’t have to ruin ur body for a helpless life..but any way…after all that u may never have another chance to have another baby…so people really and truly need to think about what they are doing and ask “why”

  41. lol says:

    Ignorant feminazi thinking that it’s all right to use abortion as birth control for a selfish mother. Pathetic. I bet you’re the type of woman who has had an abortion all to further your own life, without regards to what the “sperm donor” wanted. Then you’ll be the same one to turn on “dead beat dads” who don’t want children, yet HAVE to take care of them, because they are not entitled to abortions like you liberal women are. Choke and die please.

  42. amanda says:

    Teen mom is a great show and shows so many different experiences. I am a teen mom myself who got married and now has two children. I love my kids and they didi not ruin my life they only mad me grow up faster.however I would never recommend teen motherhood for anyone. It is hard and you do make sacrifices. You are no longer a free spirited teen you are a mother who’s first responsiblity is your child. It breaks my heart to see certain immature girls on this show obviously not ready for this and then catelynn the most responsible and mature and she gives the baby up for adoption. I hope this show shows teeen girls that having a baby isn’t cool and its a lifelong commitment. I know this first hand. It is hard and having a baby won’t bring you closery tear a couple apart.

  43. Diana says:

    Ferrahs mom is has narcasistic personality disorder.

  44. leila says:

    the way isee it farrah and and amder both need to get both of thier kids taking away from them, they are bad mothers and dont desreve to have kids

  45. Sharee says:

    After watching what seems to be the last episode for these girls, I think they’ve all done some growing up… except Amber. I think she’s de-evolved.

    I think parents need to pay attention. When I was 15-16, my mother saw that I was interested in boys and sex. She sat me down and told me “I would rather you be abstinent until marriage, but I can’t stop you from having sex”. She told me about condoms and birth control. She took me to the doctor to get The Pill. We learned *a little* about condoms in school, so my friends and I actually went out to the cool part of town to get free ones from the college hangouts. I thank my mom for teaching me all sides of sexual health, not just thumping her Bible and screeching at me (and Lord knows she loved her Bible).

    And I’m pro-choice, but I couldn’t see myself just saying “sweet! let’s go get an abortion!” I got pregnant at 25, just starting my career, just getting to the good part of my relationship. But from the second I saw that stick turn blue (or pink or whatever), I was completely committed to protecting my little guy. Abortion just wasn’t for me and I’m sure it’s a serious decision for anyone else. It’s not like “oh crap, I can’t be Miss America? Bump that, I’m getting rid of this kid”.

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  47. Bo says:

    This show is just another example of how father’s in this country have zero rights when it comes to our children. How mothers are treated as if they created the child by alone with a sex toy in a dark room. We as father’s need to stand up and be counted go to court and fight for our right to be a part of our childrens lives if the relationship with the mom tanks. This show also shows us how controlling the grandmother’s are and how a judge or law allows for these older women to destroy potential families to be. Who do these women think they are to threaten these young parents with I’m going to court to take your kid from you.

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