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I'm a huge fan of all types of food, in some dream world I like to consider myself a foodie and I not so secretly hope to one day be a judge or even a participant on Iron Chef America. These secret desires make me really enthusiastic about trying new restaurants so when I came across a blog about a cafe I had seen multiple times but never tried out I took the soonest opportunity to do so. Finch's is a small coffee and lunch spot located on Pender Street just a few blocks up from "historic" Gas Town. Decorated like your great grandmother's living room with vintage furniture to spare, Finch's has a really unique and homey charm to it that I've yet to find anywhere else in the city. It's menu is the usual lunch cafe menu, soup, salad, sandwiches and assorted pastries, however Finch's does everything made to order and incorporates as much fresh, local ingredients with European flare that it can. My personal favorite is the Pear and Blue Brie Baguette. I sub out the blue brie for regular as I am not a fan of blue cheese in any capacity. The sweetness of the ripe pears with the creamy brie and salty proscuttio makes an irresistible combo while the toasted walnuts add crunch and texture to a near perfect sandwich. I choose to pair mine with a home made chocolate chip cookie that rivals that of my child hood favorite and a vanilla latte. I am so in love with this sandwich, that I've yet to try anything else on the menu. I have, however, made a pact with myself to do so the next time I go in because everything looks really amazing.

Check it out the next time you're downtown. It's really that good.

The Blue Brie and Pear in all it's glory.

Sara enjoying lunch, Finch's is best with a friend.

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