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Now that I'm not snowboarding every single day and living out of my suitcase I have to be a bit more resourceful when it comes to my blog posts. It actually surprises me that I've never mentioned her on my blog here before because she's really a gem in my diverse collection of friends. Her name is Tianna and she's the owner and designer of Tetrik, a small jewelry company out of Victoria, BC. Tetrik has been in the works for many years now, it started out as a small apparel and handbag company while we were in high school (I'm a proud owner of a Tetrik long sleeve circa '05) but as the years progressed it changed identities and in the past few years has really come into it's own. When Tetrik had it's rebirth a few years back Tianna focused mainly on feathered headbands and earrings but her style and mediums have evolved quickly and the line now includes, rings, necklaces, headbands, hair pieces and clutches. The signature feathers are still a large part of the collections but many pieces include quartz, pearls, stones and vintage pieces reworked. This little lady has always been one of my most creative and inspired friends and it's been a pleasure to watch her work grow into what it is today. I'm really proud to be in possession of pieces from the get go to the present. Check out the photos of some of her pieces below and be sure to check out her Etsy and Facebook pages.

The lady herself. Tianna modeling a parrot feather statement necklace.

Classic Tetrik.

My favorite new piece.

All pieces can be found at

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