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I'm not a huge Cudi fan and I'm surprised Snoop (at his age) keeps coming out with new music, with that said, I love this music video. Directed by Erik Peyton, I think the playfulness (especially for these artists) is great and the concept and the editing are amazing, except for the unnecessary and awkward appearance of the two "sexy" women. (What guys can't go 4 minutes without tits? Is it just me that thinks they look out of place? I mean this almost feels like a kids video.) Either way, they're not there long and it's refreshing to see something so lighthearted in rap. When I was researching who the director was, I discovered those trees (the ones in the background, not the ones they're referring to in the song) are being held up and operated by humans--cool. Not that I thought they were magically moving around their own...well, I guess I just didn't think about it, but I was surprised to see people holding them in the behind the scenes video. I like trees! (Well, the ones in this video.)

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